How Brick Walls Show Success (7 Minutes Read)

                    -How Brick Walls Show Success-

brick wall

The other day I caught myself doing something that destroys peoples’ careers.

I was expecting everything to pay off already. I was wondering why I’ve invested so much time into a career path that’s notoriously known for having no promised end result.

I was disappointed with the outcome that formulated after 4 years of extremely hard work on my music brand, and not left with much of what I would call a major accomplishment to show for it.

But hey, this is what being human is all about. As long as it continues to take time to reach your goals, you’ll inevitably question yourself.

 But luckily, I’ve been in this mindset before, so I’m experienced with the nature of it. It’s a natural human state where everything becomes heavy. No one ever said staying creative and inspired would be easy, but I’m here to tell you today that it doesn’t have to be hard either.

Because guess what? The other day.. That was over within a matter of a couple quick realizations.

The first thing I recognized was my tendency to want to focus on the end reward.

Now, I’m not saying don’t visualize yourself achieving your goals.

I’m saying to stop taking yourself out of the game by hoping a shortcut will come along and give you your big break. Stop waiting for some magical boost to skyrocket you to your dreams. Those boosts actually hurt you, really bad..  I’ll explain..

If it’s worth dreaming about, it’s going to be really difficult to attain. So get that through your lazy brains. Right now, in 2016, everybody wants a handout, and that’s why their lives are average. They never expand beyond where everyone else settles, and therefore end up as a mainstream statistic, with a boring job, trying to find a relationship that compensates for lack of passions, living for the weekends, yadda yadda yadda.

So like I was saying, I was doing this the other day, hoping for shortcuts, and once I caught myself, it was also brought to my attention that I have a calling.

People always ask me why I got into music, and if I were to be completely honest with them, I would probably have to answer that it’s because I initially needed to find answers as to why I felt so weird about my hand growing up.

Writing lyrics slowly, but surely helped me identify some truths I had buried inside, along with showing myself I had a powerful voice that could make powerful statements.

But it quickly became more than that.

It began to reveal itself as my calling.. and It’s important to know when your calling has arrived, because everybody has one. The one thing that you can’t stop thinking about. It makes you tick more than anything… You pour heart and energy into it because you need to see something become of it.

You can exert so much energy into your calling, that you’ll eventually feel the rewards just aren’t coming quick enough. THIS, is where you begin to lose focus and fall into that mindset that I’m talking about.

It’s like when a batter takes his eye off the ball. Life can and will strike you out when you fall out of focus. Before you know it, you find yourself walking back to the dugout wondering what the hell just went wrong.

So when it comes to my career in music, and even just trying to get a job after college, I’ve relentlessly faced not getting the responses I expected, or a lot of time, just not getting responses at all. Over and over and over again…

I’ve always continued to push forward though.

I eventually found the reason why is because this process builds character, and this is a quality GRINDING that i’m subconsciously so addicted to.

You see, It takes time to reach a point in your life where you can finally rest on the fruits of your labor. And even then, if you stop pushing your comfort zone, you immediately stop building character  This is why so many people get bored and even slightly depressed after a long fulfilling career is over with and they retire.

Not ever really being able to enjoy the taste of satisfaction is rough, but I now realize that it’s completely necessary, especially in the beginning stages of your calling. It’s all part of the deal.


Because we’re all just brick walls, slowly building upwards. Each time we experience rejection, or failure, another brick is thrown on top and reinforced with a glob of concrete.

The wall continues to build throughout life experiences, bringing us closer to that thing that we all crave most.

Stability, in the face of success, an ideal portrayed in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Once tall enough, alongside the other great brick walls, success offers itself with open arms to those who work hard to build their walls strong and tall.

At these heights, the early signs of success reveal themselves through subtle cues from the universe that you must interpret as opportunities.

You’ll never notice these opportunities without the necessary experience to know to look out for them. Noticing opportunities comes with experience. Capitalizing on them with ease is a natural skill that gets built into your wall.

The more successful you become, the more natural and at peace you’ll feel about your life when you focus on continuously building correctly. This is because, facing your problems head on over & over again eventually provides you with stability stay controlled in the face of problems down the road.

What I’m trying to say is that at a certain point, you begin to honor disappointment and rejection. These things contribute to your wall; the indestructible force that has seen failure time & time again. It’s the foundation that elevates you to success securely; slowly but surely.

Just know these tough experiences you go through on a daily basis are bringing you closer to the top, and with stability to handle what comes with being at the top. Eventually, you’re left with a better reward than any amount of money could provide you with; stability.
laying bricks

Every time we put ourselves out there a little bit more, feeling “vulnerable” in a specific scenario eventually turns into feeling “comfortable”.

You become a veteran of rejection, and the reward of your “built up” character turns into having the ability to capitalize on opportunities that come your way like it’s no big deal. Because you’re just so damn stable!

So don’t focus on the the end result. Don’t focus on reaching heights that are too high up to securely handle right now anyways. Instead, focus on building your wall! Focus on the now! You’ll be a beast down the road.

When success is ready to welcome you in, it will be a natural process that you are able to easily handle. It will all feel right because you built the foundation of your wall correctly.

One Love,