I Want to Feel Alive, Now (7 Minute Read)

Think back to when you first woke up this morning.

What’s the first thought that came to your mind’s awareness? Whatever it was, it was followed by the next thing attached to it; the emotions it carried. Before you knew it, a particular vibe was underway.

Now that you’ve noticed that it’s there, try to hone in on the way that vibe really feels right now. How has it evolved since you woke up this morning?  Have you given any thought to the overall mood of this day so far? If you could assign a color, flavor, and sound to that mood, what would they be? Consistently asking questions like these can eventually lead you to exploring the nature of self.

If you’ve determined your day isn’t going so well, let me explain to you that we live in a world full of duality. There’s a dark and light side to every piece of our reality; quiet or loud, big or small, pain and peace.

Something that really turns someone on can disgust someone else, and an idea that fills someone with energy can completely drain the next mind it encounters.

Duality is what good music is all about too. The best songs have the most dynamic qualities to them, and the best movies have dark and light sides to them too that provide for attractive plot lines. (Star Wars 😀 )

Anyways, I just want you to honestly ask yourself for a moment if you have the ability to feel to vibrate on any higher frequency than the one you’re experiencing right now right now. Can you reach the other side, and then once you do can you elevate from that point?

If you feel like it’s difficult to get to reach the next level, than you have some sort of blockage inside to deal with.

You see, every being comes equipped with a secret energy source of unending joy, but we usually can’t tap into it because of the blockages in our chakras. These blockages can be released, but we allow life to get in the way of becoming quiet enough to identify our blockages and release them.

Before you even had a second to get your bearings one morning, life could smack you right in the face, causing a build up of a certain type of energy. This could happen before even getting out of bed. Kind of like this morning for me..
I’m very hungover… I’m sleep deprived, buried under a pile of assignments due tomorrow, and nursing a racey mind after an argument with one of my friends at a bar last night. A nontypical semester before graduating college type Saturday.

So I’m lying in bed with all of this, and I’m consciously aware of the whole package. The thoughts, the emotions, and the vibe it’s created.

If you would have asked me last night at 8 pm how I felt, I was fired up and having a great time with friends. You and I both know that all our greatest moments in life are only measured in proportion to our worst. It’s that duality that’s so important to be aware of. Better moment are destined to arrive.

Almost any sane person would admit that they prefer experience a moment ecstasy opposed to a moment full of pain, but is life really just all about having great experiences, or is it about learning to enjoy the one’s that we define as “bad”? This way we can always be as happy as we all desire to be.

I’m saying this because if we look at the build up of events from this morning as an opportunity of learning to be comfortable in the face of discomfort, rather than seeing it as a problem, than how do you think I’m going to handle a similar situation like this in the future?

Falling into a low vibrational mind state is triggered by subjectively getting caught up in any one of the energies that we’ve coined as “emotions”. The emotion found within the lowest vibrational state is FEAR.

At the root of every depressed mind, anxious thought, and unsettling energy pattern is the presence of fear.. Watch I’ll prove it right now from the example this morning:

1.  I might throw up soon and feel too shitty to have a productive day with the hangover.

2. I won’t finish all my assignments due tomorrow and end up failing the class, leading me to possibly not graduate this semester.

3. My friend is still angry with me and there will be a low vibe once I see him.

Seriously, next time you’re anxious, just ask yourself where the fear resides. Nervous before your upcoming test? Maybe you’re just fearful of failing in the eyes of other. Have social anxiety of talking to people? The real worry comes down to not being accepted for who you are.

Just start off by pinpointing the root of the problem, and then face it. That’s the key. Completely bathe yourself in the fear. Come face to face with it with nothing holding you back. Go to that place in your heart where it’s hurting and just be present with it. Don’t think about it being there, just know it’s there and relax behind it.

I spent the first 20 years within the cozy confines of my comfort zone. I was afraid of shaking peoples’ hands with my deformity. 

I never understood how I was able to get over this fear until I recently analyzed the painful process I went through over the years.

First I identified that I used to have anxiety whenever I would first meet someone and know I would have to shake their hand. Then, I pinpointed the fear. The fear was:

Facing any type of rejection after meeting someone new.

The fact was, I covered up my imperfections a good deal of my early life, restricting myself from facing my fear of exposing them. This only fed more energy to the fear and became a vicious cycle.

Thousands of handshakes later, I entered college, where I found myself meeting so many people, that I was constantly being pushed further out of my comfort zone with each hand shake.

Every time someone would ask what happened to my hand, my response became bolder and more comfortable to say. Eventually I was proud of how it defined me 🙂 I wanted to start meeting more people.

Soon, when I overcame the fear of comfortably shaking hands with people, I realized that it was because I came face to face with it enough times to know that there was nothing on the other side of that fear. The fear I had was just afraid of itself. (Note that it really didn’t have to take 20 years for me to figure that out.. but it did. That’s the power of fear). These days I’m waving my wand around on stage in front of 200 people.

You will become a more evolved being and feel an exhilarating rush of energy every time you objectify fear. Fear is just a “thing”. Let it completely manifest inside you without trying to control it, then it will no longer control you.

If you allow it too, the fear will pass through you and a mental scar will be released inside of you. It will only hurt for a moment, and once it’s over. Zap! Just like that you’ve liberated another piece of your ego.

This stuff isn’t made up! Look up samskara patterns!

You can thank your future self now for deciding to put these practices in place. They will make the coming events of your life much easier to deal with.

At the end of it all you’ll feel much much more ALIVE! Just keep  relentlessly relaxing in the face of your fears.

Please don’t hesitate to reply back with any questions guys 🙂 [email protected]

One Love,