New Music Video, ‘Breathe’ is Released!

Breathe is a song inspired off of one of the fundamental pillars of Proph3cY’s music, meditation. The short story, shot in London, England, shows Proph3cY at the beginning, attempting to breathe into a meditative state in his empty apartment.

This specific meditation is in result of the negative energies received from an incident of almost getting hit by a car earlier in the day while crossing the street and writing lyrics. As the song & the meditation continue on, thoughts of the car incident begin to clear out, with flashbacks of the encounter fading out more and more. Mixed visual representations of an internal journey to seek ultimate peace, pass through his consciousness .

Breathing deeper into peace, Proph3cY approaches a meditative climax of being undisturbed by the negativity of the incident . Unfortunately, he lets his mind replay the image of the car almost hitting once again. In that moment, he falls out of meditation and experiences the frustrating reality of when the mind overcomes the conscious ability to be present. He expresses this in his concluding words by saying “we think too much”.

The journey to reach ultimate peace in the song is displayed by Proph3cY looking for the bed in the grass field found in at the end of the song. Taking his clothes off represents layers coming off and becoming vulnerable in this state. Even though he was not able to actually reach this peaceful state, the closing clip of him laying in the bed assumes that if he isn’t able to get there in this very moment, he will be there soon. If not today, he can be there tomorrow or even within the next couple if he allows himself to let go and be present. He’ll get back there eventually because that’s where he knows he belongs. This is true for all humans, and is why Proph3cY believes in the importance of meditation.