Proph3cY Drops New Single “.dotcom”

This feel good jam is the perfect addition to your playlists this summer, 2016. Proph3cY’s latest single, .dotcom, clearly introduces you to this young artist’s perspective of where he sees technology driving us.. away from nature and into our own heads. While reading in between the lines of these silky smooth vocals, a very important message appears; we’re all “plugged in”. Read along with the lyrics below & enjoy!


Verse 1:
Dot com
Plug me in I’m not clam
Type ya in and hop on
Gimme the bomb bomb bomb Show me
Cop flaws show me all barack’s bombs
Every single hot broad at prom that I want
But I won’t talk to them only see your face right
When you need to taste likes and you go all out
Cuz you all about status
You still the baddest
I’m on the internet when I’m awake cuz I’m an addict
My pupils dilated I wish I was on the planet
But nowadays I see reality is very hard to manage
Ya bandit
Ya fuckin bandit
You stole my conscious
I’m lookin up the shot that won the game and goin bonkaz (holy shit!)Verse 2:
Plug me in I’m not calm
Check out the regular hot topic oo it’s the USA
I know my tweet tool can show them
How were broken
What you smokin?
One love
That’s the motto one shoves down the throat of young Cubs in the Wild Wild West
We the best at these chess games we forget names when we meet a person 5 seconds in we left brained use to
Think loves in the little pink glove in between her two legs I was very foolesh and
These friends pull me out on weekends I want to delete them
Gimme a break break break lemme escape escape escape to a mountain top
Checkin the view out
Look at the way the Cali valley grew out
I gave a two count and blew out the true loud
And this is on occasion I’m out in natural havens I see world for the way that we’ve heavily underrated it
I been only breathin off of water earth and fire and land
I trip about my hand and I don’t even understand
Tthis here’s all part of some big plan
Keep lookin around you in real, real time
Look at the real, real shine from that Big ball of fire in the sky
No T.V screen could never ever gimmie that shine give me that shine- won’t never give me that shineVerse 3:
Dot com
Plug me in I’m not calm
Load you like a shot gun
I ain’t got an option but to come and tune in everybody do it and I gotta reach fans it’s a solid beacon
If I run and I hide from my company
I can recline in the woods with a subsidy
Where I let go celebration
Deckin out in retro cool cloth all night meditation
It’s a rich life check the small things all things that you crave for might all be the wrong things Putcha phone down pick ya self up shit is so strong here come climb under the shelter
Disappear,dissappear fallin off the grid off the grid feelin normal
Disappear,dissappear fallin offOutro:
Dot com
Plug me in I’m not calm
Load you like a shot gun
I ain’t got an option
Look I wanna be friends but don’t wanna seep in
Gotta lot of life in now I might fall off the grid