Proph3cY Releases Greatest Hits Vol. 1

proph3cy greatest hits FINAL
Developing your identity and figuring out what makes you unique is difficult. Going straight at your most desired goal may be a painfully slow process. Learn to enjoy that and results always come with that.

The 16 songs contained within this mixtape represent my best work from the past four years building the Proph3cY brand.

Sifting through the 62 songs that were created within this timeframe made me realize how much refining and execution it takes to produce a hit song.

The more trial and error packed into the 24 hours timeframe of a day, the quicker greatness arrives.

Come take a listen, and reflect back on greatest work put out through Proph3cY’s first 4 Mixtapes from 2012-2016.

Volume 2, coming in 2018!