What I’ve learned in College…

What I’ve learned in College…(Chronologically)


1. The first thing I learned right when I got to college was that the 18-19 year old kids in my dorm were able to make great first impressions without revealing who they actually were as people.

2. I began to see I was a lot better than I thought I was at rapping. So I set up a recording booth in my little closet with towels and pillows to deaden the sound. That’s where I recorded one of my first songs, The Curb. It was then that I realized that the best way to handle my deepest insecurities was to re-experience them through a song.

3. The girl that I was sleeping with was crazy, but she was also really good looking. I ultimately learned that if you stick around with the crazy good looking girl for too long, she might hit your car because you don’t love her back (true story). Point is, don’t lead someone on for too long if you don’t actually like them as much back. It can get bad.

4. Going out to parties/ social events is a lot more fun when you feel like you are wanted/ know a good amount of people in that environment.


5. Transitions and change used to be EXTREMELY difficult for me. The first couple weeks in my first apartment with new roommates, I had the worst anxiety of my life. Ultimately I began to see that when I respected myself enough to believe I was able to handle every situation that came my way, I felt I was living in the moment more. I wasn’t thinking as much inside my mind and I saw myself not any less or any more than the people around me. What’s going to happen today? I don’t know, but I’m choosing to unfold with it moment by moment. Change started to actually become more exciting!

6. When times got hard, my favorite music/ real lyrics put things into perspective for me. However, books are actually one of the best ways to grow. I gained a lot of knowledge that year from 2 books that changed the way I see life a lot. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and The Untethered Soul.

7. I began to start rapping live. When I perform, the feeling I get after it is pure love. Your passions will always remind you of who you are because those are the things that open your heart. Keep doing those things as much as possible.

8. There comes a point where you might feel “too real” for the people around you to understand. It’s not that you think your better than them. In fact its a very lonely misunderstood feeling. You might start finding out a majority of the people around you want to pledge greek life, drink until they black out, or they might just want to talk about things you have no interest in. Being misunderstood/ different is actually really cool. So what, leave the party within 10 minutes if your not having a good time. At least your being honest with yourself. You’re being real and true to how you feel. Be proud of it and just remember the friends you make in college will never compare to your hometown homies who you actually grew into yourself with.

JUNIOR YEAR (Where I currently Am)

9. Energy is everything. I really mean this. There is a certain feeling you get inside yourself when you allow the events of life to pass through you without blocking the electrifying flow of energy. Judgements and negativity is a sure way to cause blockages, and this will make you feel like shit. I never believed in religion before, but found my “belief system” resides within spirituality.

10. I always thought that finding a girlfriend would make me a lot happier. I learned that if you believe that things outside yourself will make you happy, then you will continue to rely on those things to make you happy. This includes girlfriends/boyfriends, money, acceptance, etc. These things will create the positive feelings you are looking for within, but if you lose them, then you lose your happiness. If you want to keep your happiness all the time, then you need to generate these positive feelings within. Then you CAN’T lose your happiness because you don’t rely on the outside world to give it to you.

And I’m continuing to learn every year. Think about how you’ve evolved over the years, and are continuing to learn new lessons.

One love,